Cite Specific

Last Friday a collection of the B.F.A. printmakers exhibited their work in the senior show Cite Specific. With diverse interests and materials, the six students produced a very cohesive show at Big House Gallery and Granite Room. The front room housed work by Michelle Cornelison, Sarah Howerter, Connor Kirk, and Kevin O’Kelley. The low tables full of artists’ books and walls adorned with pull-down maps created a classic classroom feeling. (Plus they had two give-away posters!)

Cornelison examines her matrilineal history (work after my own heart) and deep sea creatures. Kevin O looks at family history and tradition in a much sharper light, with snarky sugar-lift cross-stitch patterns and cigarette-burned Eastern paper. Howerter uses the structures of textbooks to critique the implicit gender bias in historical texts. The mode of science journals (both senses of the word) revel in the proliferation of information and connections to be made through engaged research. Kirk’s work, with abstract collages of thinly-cut prints, seemed like it should accompany a meditative and book of koans.

Bora Choi and Janie Stamm filled the back room with their multitudes of creepy creatures. The curved wall offered Stamm an excellent space for her salon-installed “Islands” that read like a scroll unrolling. Choi’s rats glowered menacingly from their pedestals and windowsills as her twin girls looked forlornly out of their etchings.

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