My work is inspired by mechanisms of communication and interconnection. Systems of wires, tubes, pins, and boxes — the infrastructure of a city — hide in plain sight. Throughout the urban landscape, graceful compositions of banal elements like telephone poles and power boxes are concealed by the inattention that surrounds practical objects.

The Inscribing/Retelling and Post series look at infrastructure as a metaphor for our social and psychological connections. At the same time, they are a deeply personal and emotionally evocative investigation of the stories that tie my family and friends together. The prints and cut paper works in the series are each a snapshot of a dynamic social web, rendered as interconnected telephone wires and power boxes, connecting and maintaining one another.

The On the Farm series studies the varied natural textures and decaying industrial structures at the Goat Farm Arts Center, an artist community and former machinery mill in the heart of Atlanta. While Inscribing/Retelling centered on the relationships between people and communities, On the Farm shifts focus to the buildings and shelters that surround me in my studio. Cut paper, used in both the On the Farm and Post series, is a slow and iterative process that allows me to contemplate my surroundings and to build an environment piece by piece.

When I work, I seek to capture the small and overlooked moments of our everyday life. I hope to help people notice the objects that share their world, so that they can appreciate what makes their world possible.

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